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Ascend through Music

Ascend Through Music programs provide opportunities for children, youth, and adults in Baltimore and Washington, DC to gain access and exposure to various forms of music education, instruments, mentorship, and performance opportunities.  The program fosters and promotes creativity, expression, and music skill development coupled with character development that can be applied to everyday life.  Music education has been widely linked to improved academic performance and self-esteem.  It is our hope that exposure to playing music and music education will help students develop discipline, commitment, and perseverance that are necessary traits for life-long success.

Opportunities include music production, songwriting, recording, instrumental ensembles, and vocal coaching. Programming also offers students unique exposure to music history, technology, and career paths within the industry.  Whether it’s drop-in, one-to-one mentorship, or joining a performance group, participants work towards producing or performing, and are encouraged to find their passion and voice.

Ascend through Music in Baltimore is located at our UA House at Fayette community center located within the Baltimore Target Investment Zone (TIZ).  The Ascend through Music classroom is equipped with state-of-the-art recording equipment and music production software, providing a space for both youth and adults to produce high-quality recordings. The UA House at Fayette’s music classroom is open 7 days a week for use by the community living within the TIZ.

Pulse Mentorship Initiative

Ascend through Music’s Pulse initiative gives youth an opportunity to connect with volunteer artists with expertise in the creative field of their interest, including singing, songwriting, playing instruments, producing instrumental beats, and others. The students meet weekly either in person, or virtually, one-on-one, with their volunteer mentors to work collaboratively on exploring and improving their chosen craft and prepare a performance piece for a student showcase. The initiative provides individualized attention to the students and helps them explore how others have incorporated music into their lives.

Creatives interested in volunteering as a Pulse mentor should contact Christina Campbell below.


Students enrolled in vocal, instrumental, or music production programming in the 2020-21 school year


Students participated in our Pulse mentorship initiative in the 2020-21 school year


Virtual sessions were led by our music educators in 2020


Audio and/or video productions of original material were created by our students in 2020

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Contact: Christina Campbell

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