Ascend through Music

Ascend through Music is a Living Classrooms program operating at our UA House at Fayette community center located within the Baltimore Target Investment Zone (TIZ). The program provides musical opportunities for kids, teens, and adults living within the TIZ, to incorporate music into their lives. Their experience within the program fosters leadership, creativity, and self-expression which empowers them to succeed.

Through hands-on activities with instrumental lessons, vocal training, sound production, music ensembles, song writing, and performance opportunities the program offers unique exposure to music history, technology, and the industry while also fostering a deep connection with music in their own lives. Students will gain the tools to be able express their culture, struggles, and triumphs through music. It is our hope that students will come away from the program seeing music as a way to uplift themselves as well as their community.

Living Classrooms collaborated on this project with local industry professionals, including Johns Hopkins University professor and Hip Hop Workshop founder, Thomas Dolby, and his co-teachers and local producers, Loren and Jay Hill, who consulted on both programming and the design of the classroom, as well as Edwin Huet, a graduate student at Peabody Institute, who has lent his time and talents as an instructor and audio engineer for the program. The UA House at Fayette’s Ascend through Music classroom is equipped with state-of-the-art recording equipment and music production software, providing a space for both youth and adults to produce high-quality recordings.The UA House at Fayette’s music classroom is open 7 days a week for use by the community living within the TIZ.


Students enrolled in vocal, instrumental, or music production programming in 2018.


Volunteers and mentors participated with our music students in 2018.


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Number of studio audio and video recordings in 2018.

To make a monetary donation to Living Classrooms’ Ascend through Music Program click here to visit the donation page. When asked for Designation, please select “Enter Program Name” and type in “Ascent through Music”. If you would like to donate musical instruments for our students to take home and use for practice, please contact Christina Campbell below.

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