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About Living Classrooms

Our Mission

Mission Statement: Living Classrooms Foundation strengthens communities and inspires young people to achieve their potential through hands-on education and job training, using urban, natural, and maritime resources as "living classrooms."

Founded in Baltimore in 1985, Living Classrooms Foundation has grown into an educational and economic force that combines one of the city's most cherished assets - its beautiful and historic harbor - with some of its most overlooked - the thousands of bright, ambitious children and young adults who are struggling to succeed against terrible odds. What began with one program in one city has grown into dozens of programs across a region that now encompasses Washington, DC, Virginia, and Maryland.


Living Classrooms offers a distinctive competency in experiential learning, or what we call �learning by doing.� We apply our skill in three program areas:

  • K-8 Education:

    we believe hands-on learning, family involvement, and individualized attention are all critical for student achievement, especially for those living in high-risk environments

  • Hands-on Enrichment Education:

    we believe that promising futures are within reach for all students if their education experience includes enrichment opportunities that reinforce academic skills, positive and healthy lifestyles, and direct stewardship.

  • Job Training:

    we believe that transformations happen when individuals possess the skills, support, and opportunity to become their own agents of change. Our hands-on learning and community revitalization projects provide customized job training that prepares young adults for the workforce, while also fostering community pride and stewardship among residents.

Featured Initiative

The Target Investment Zone (TIZ) initiative provides programs and services to residents of some of East Baltimore's neediest neighborhoods, which include the Perkins Homes, Fayette Street corridor, and McElderry Park communities.
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