UA House Campers Solve a Mystery Using Forensic Science

August 16, 2017

Baltimore, August 2017– Living Classrooms invited educators from the National Law Enforcement Museum to the UA House at Fayette to host a one-week hands-on forensics camp for our 5th-8th graders this summer. The students stepped into the shoes of a forensic scientist as they solved a fake murder case using real-world forensic anthropology and entomology tools, even performing their own blood spatter analysis.

Each day the students were given new “evidence” about the case and performed a blood splatter, fingerprint, and DNA analysis, as well as a mock medical exam on the “victim” or pig. Students created their own LEGO models of the crime scene and presented their theory about what happened based on their research. Five officers from the Baltimore Police Department visited the students to question them on their research, similar to how a scientist would work with a detective in a real-life case.

On the final day of the camp, a mock trial took place. Using the evidence they had gathered throughout the week, students prosecuted “Nicole,” the person they suspected of killing “John.” Each student testified as a different role, and the defense (camp staff) asked questions to test what students had learned throughout the week.

Take a peek at the photos from the investigation >>