‘Students Are Learning By Doing’ | Baltimore Urban Gardening With Students Teaching Youth The Importance Of Nutritional Choices

May 21, 2019

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BALTIMORE (WJZ) – Ron Matz — There has been a lot of talk about eating healthy, especially for young people.

In Baltimore, there is a new partnership that is teaching young people about the importance of nutritional choices.

Algernon Campbell directs the Baltimore Urban Gardening with Students (BUGS) after-school program; a program which has a new partner.

“We have cooking, gardening, STEM; as well as creative arts,” Campbell said. “With all of those components, students are learning by doing so they can improve their test scores.”

Medifast will invest $1 million in the non-profit over the next five years.

“We are looking to improve healthy habits for all, especially in underserved communities, really to expand our message,” said Medifast Director of Clinical Nutrition Jennifer Christman.

The message is resonating with youngsters in the program.

“It’s teaching me about the vitamins and how good it can be, and how strong you can be if you eat all of your fruits and vegetables,” a student of BUGS said.

The students are at the program four days a week for about three hours each day.

“We get to learn how to make fun STEM activities to learn how to cook healthy foods,” another student said.