Spring is Really Here as Living Classrooms’ Vessels Lady Maryland and Mildred Belle Begin 29th Season Sailing with Students

April 1, 2014

Baltimore, MD-On Wednesday, April 2, 2014, students from City Neighbors Hamilton School participating in Living Classrooms shipboard STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education programming will set sail on board Lady Maryland and Mildred Belle – two of Living Classrooms Foundation’s educational vessels. This trip will mark the 29th year of Living Classrooms’ shipboard STEM education programs. Lady Maryland, Living Classrooms’ flagship, is a historic pungy schooner. Since her creation by shipwrights and students in 1986, Lady Maryland has become a tremendously successful and integral learning resource to schools’ curricula-a valued asset to educational programming, the community, and the environment. Each season, from April through November, she introduces students to the ecological, cultural, and economic importance of the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean through her educational and sail-training programs. While on board, students become the crew and scientists for the voyage: steering, navigating, and conducting scientific sampling of water and marine life. The ship and her hands-on lessons are the basis of the program’s STEM curriculum. Built in 1948 in Odd, Virginia, Mildred Belle is a buy boat that has enjoyed a lively history around the Chesapeake Bay. The Living Classrooms Foundation has operated Mildred Belle as a Living Classrooms Foundation educational vessel since 1988, assisting student exploration of Baltimore Harbor, Chesapeake History, economics, and ecology through fun learning adventures. Mildred Belle will also be operating as the official Bicentennial Fort McHenry education vessel beginning in late spring. Living Classrooms dynamic, ‘learning by doing’ programs emphasize applied learning in math, science, social studies, language arts, and social skills. The programs serve students from a variety of backgrounds and economic means, and range in length from one-day expeditions for school and youth groups to extended shipboard and land/sea programs. Participants see how academic skills are used in the real world. Leadership and teamwork are key objectives as students work together to raise and lower sails, trawl for marine life, perform scientific tests, and explore the commerce, history, natural resources, and ecosystems of the Port of Baltimore and the Chesapeake Bay. Living Classrooms Foundation is a Baltimore-Washington based nonprofit organization that strengthens communities and inspires young people to achieve their potential through hands-on education, job training, and community service programs, using urban, natural, and maritime settings as ‘living classrooms.’ The Foundation provides educational programming aboard nine historic ships out of Washington, DC and Baltimore -including the Historic Ships in Baltimore which offers hands-on encounters with history and employment venues for job training. Living Classrooms Foundation has been proudly serving the community for twenty-five years. NOTE TO MEDIA: Arrangements can be made to photograph the ships with students departing and setting sail, or upon the vessels’ return. Arrangements can also be made should a photographer wish to come on board either ship for part of or the entire trip. Please give advance notice to coordinate times. Students will depart from the Frederick Douglass-Isaac Myers Maritime Park at 1417 Thames Street in Fells Point between 9:30am and 9:45am. The ship is expected to return to dock at 2 pm, wind and weather permitting. Also- media are asked to only use first names of children if necessary in quotes or captions.