Workforce Development in the Target Investment Zone

The Target Investment Zone Workforce Development Program is designed to expand Living Classrooms’ workforce/economic development strategies throughout the Baltimore Target Investment Zone (TIZ); a 2.5 square-mile corridor located within East Baltimore where Living Classrooms is working with key partners to deliver targeted services in an effort to address the economic divide that exists in communities of color in Baltimore and reduce the interrelated issues of poverty, high crime, low educational levels, and poor health that can be directly traced to deeply embedded racial inequities in education, social services, and even basic human rights. Our workforce development program connects adults that are low skilled, unemployed, underemployed, and dislocated workers to career training and high wage employment opportunities.

Enrolled members are provided unique access to essential services, support and individualized career-focused strategies that are aimed at offering multiple pathways for individuals to gain family-supporting jobs and achieve financial stability. Members of our programming are provided one-on-one case management services that effectively aid in navigating solutions to reduce and resolve barriers directly connected to one’s ability to be employable. The goal of the Target Investment Zone Workforce Development Program is to not only build career readiness but to provide connected community strategies that aid in producing sustainability within the entire family unit.

Our program members participate in career essential and life skills workshops, industry recognized advanced skills training, personal and professional development seminars, and career events (Employer Direct Interviewing/Hire events, Career Expo’s and Fairs, Adult Education Services, Career Coaching, etc.), gaining a comprehensive understanding of our rapidly developing culture of work. Members have access to digital literacy training, finance, budget, and investment planning strategies, entrepreneurship development assistance, individual career portfolio development, understanding of social and cultural workplace environments, as well as training in understanding the influence of technology and social media in the workforce.

Our team also collaborates strategically with industry partners to deliver and offer advanced skills training classes that meet national standards of certification and provide technical integrity to those wanting to enter targeted or specialized industries, such as IT, medical assisting, construction, and retail.

Through partnerships and high-level training members of the Target Investment Zone Workforce Development Program obtain invaluable skills and competencies that ensure that they are professionally competitive and qualified to enter into high wage/high demand occupations.

Enrollment for membership in The Target Investment Zone Workforce Development Program is open year-round.

Contact: Tiffany Reinhardt


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