Ship’s Log

Read about a typical day on one of our boats. No two trips on our vessels are the same because the students help determine the destination of each voyage and each of our ships run a unique program. There will be an exciting education program with hands-on learning activities for students every day. The following schedule describes a typical day on one of the Living Classrooms Foundation’s boats.

Meet the Crew

  • Listen to a brief orientation to your boat, the Chesapeake Bay, and the day’s activities. Set some goals for the day!
  • Board the vessel and stow all baggage down below. The Captain will provide a safety orientation and explain the importance and rules for everyone’s safety.
  • Get underway from dock and proceed out onto the river. Students will help the crew raise the sails.
  • Conduct an experiment to examine how salt water and fresh water mix in the Bay to help produce an estuary.
  • Students on each boat are assigned to learning groups. The groups are assigned to different stations around the ship. Each station will run for 10 – 20 minutes and be taught by crew members. Some possible stations include Water Quality, Plankton, Oysters, Navigation, and Helm (steering). Each group rotates around the ship through different stations and every student will participate in each station activity.
  • LUNCH on deck
  • Students assist the crew as we trawl for fish.
  • Student learning groups examine the day’s catch, rotating from tank to tanks to learn about different organisms.
  • Return aquatic life to the river and review day’s activities.
  • Prepare for docking.
  • Bid farewell to your vessel and her crew who have helped you learn new skills; develop an understanding of your surroundings; and gain a lasting appreciation for the Chesapeake Bay.