Language Arts

Here are just a few ideas to get you started. We are constantly amazed by what teachers have done with students in their classrooms before they visit us. Please do not feel limited or compelled by any of these suggestions, they are merely some ideas to get your own creative juices flowing!

Maritime Careers

Students will be exposed to new and different career possibilities and meet people actually working in these jobs. There are many opportunities in the maritime field.

  • Ask your students to write or say what interests and skills they have.
  • Would they ever consider working on or around the Bay?
  • What skills do they have that would help for a job on or around the Bay? (Interest in outdoors, can get along well with people, motivation, intelligence, education, etc.)
  • What Maritime careers can they think of? Would they ever consider working in one of these jobs?

Follow up:

Have students read a book from the reading list on maritime careers and perhaps share their insights on careers with the class.

Creative Writing

Have your students write a letter or postcard to a friend or relative telling of the upcoming trip. Write about the things you will do, the different people, boats, industries, and wildlife you will see, and what it will feel like to sail a pungy schooner, or skipjack. Ask students to write a description of what they expect the shipboard experience to be using ten words from the Maritime Terms and Chesapeake Bay Word lists.

Rappin’ with the Crew

Have different student groups write and sing a song about their trip. They can make their debut onboard for the Captain and Crew.
This exercise should motivate students and provide a tie-in to the on board experience. Let them have free rein and encourage them to try their songs out in front of the class.

Newspaper Articles

Assign a student with a camera to do a “photo shoot” of your trip and have another record activities in a small notebook, or bring a video camera for the day. After the trip, the photos and written information can be submitted to the school newsletter, website or blog.