Packing List

Make sure you have everything you will need for your journey


  • Lunch
  • Extra layers
  • Water bottle
  • Sun Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Rain coat & pants if any possibility of rain
  • Warm Hat and gloves


Comfortable, weather appropriate clothes!! It is a good idea to be prepared with layers since the weather can change quickly on the water. Close-toed, soft-soled shoes like sneakers are a MUST. Crocks or similar shoes are not acceptable. Keens or other close-toed sandals are fine in the warmer months.

Late spring, summer and early fall:

Sunglasses, lip balm with SPF15, and hats with brims are essential Please wear layers of clothing, preferably synthetics, as we get an occasional cool day.

Early Spring & Late Fall:

If temperatures are below 65 degrees F, all students should wear layers of synthetic or wool clothing and bring a wool hat & gloves. Remember it is atleast 10 degrees cooler on the water!


Please be prepared for foul weather!

  • Rainwear – tops and bottoms are recommended – no umbrellas! Cotton sweat pants and jeans are not recommended for wet weather since they just absorb water and keep you cold and wet. Any type of nylon pants (track pants, snow pants, etc… are going to keep you much drier, warmer and happier!)
  • We rarely have to cancel due to weather
  • It is OK to bring too many clothes!


Safety is our most important concern. Experienced instructors lead all Living Classrooms Foundation programs. We are fully licensed and insured. Your school’s group leaders will supervise you; however, we EXPECT you to act in an orderly manner at all times! Student permission slips must be signed and returned prior to your trip.


For Everyone’s Safety:

  • NO radios, MP3 players or video games
  • No cell phones for students (adults cell phones must be on silent)
  • No gum or candy
  • No smoking, alcohol, or drugs
  • No horseplay