The Crossroads School

The Crossroads School is a public, tuition-free charter middle school operated by Living Classrooms Foundation on our East Harbor Campus through a contract with the Baltimore City Public School System. The school, which opened its doors in September 2002, draws students from a citywide lottery and currently serves 162 students in grades 6-8.

Crossroads prides itself on being a “school of choice” whereby students, families, and teachers choose to be a part of the Crossroads educational community. The curriculum focuses on the fundamentals of reading, writing, and math with a hands-on, interdisciplinary approach. Technology, cooperative learning, critical thinking, and real-world application of knowledge are also considered to be fundamental to the core curriculum.

The Crossroads School is a tight knit community, where the faculty are dedicated to helping each student realize his/her potential in middle school and beyond. The school’s small teacher to student ratio and individualized attention encourage successful academic intervention for students who may enter the school considerably behind grade level. The faculty works to raise student achievement by combining college-preparatory academic standards with hands-on, project-based learning experiences and additional targeted support.

The Crossroads School has become one of Baltimore City’s top performing public middle schools and has been rated “Highly Effective” in 12 primary categories by Baltimore City Public Schools.  Crossroads’ vision and most important long-term goal is for all students to go on to continue their education at the best Maryland public and private college-preparatory high schools, and to help our students become strong scholars, leaders, and citizens.

With continued community support, this effective school can continue to benefit the lives of our students and provide a meaningful, enriching alternative to low-performing area schools.


Percentage of Crossroads’ student population come from economically disadvantaged families.


Percentile – Crossroads 7th and 8th grade student ranking on the 2018 PARCC Math Assessment.

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