The POWER Teen program provides high school students with the educational, career, and life skills necessary for a successful future. The skills, information and experiences that are provided offset programming that is generally not taught in schools, but is essential for teen development.

POWER Teen staff work in conjunction with the students throughout high school and beyond to assist them as they develop into adults. We provide students with the necessary skills and opportunities to break through the obstacles in their lives and move towards a successful future. Students meet at least twice per month at our community centers. During “IGNITE” sessions students can expect to be introduced to topics such as college readiness (SAT/ACT prep), career pathways (aptitude tests/strength finders and internships), general life skills (financial management, conflict resolution, and healthy decision making), and healthy lifestyles (healthy shopping/cooking, proper sleep, human development). Not only is the program a resource for the teens throughout their high school tenure, we also prepare students for the expectations of adulthood.

The program is supported by volunteer mentors who participate in the program during group sessions and offer one-on-one support to the teens as they navigate through high school and beyond, offering critical perspective and advice during key developmental years. Visits to local businesses and professional guest speakers offer the students a unique opportunity to explore career pathways they may not otherwise have access to, expanding their horizons.


Percentage of teens enrolled have a one-on-one mentor relationship.


Teens have had an immersive college visit in 2017.

Contact: Chas Ackley