Patterson Park House

The Living Classrooms after-school program in Patterson Park focuses on sports, fitness and nutrition. Middle school students from Patterson Park/Highlandtown neighborhoods attend programming in the middle of Patterson Park, one of the country’s best urban parks! Students receive at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day, eat a healthy meal and receive homework help. A consistent partnership with local schools and organizations connect volunteers to our programming to lead poetry, arts and crafts, gardening, and mental health activities for students to have fun and use Patterson Park as a living classroom.

Contact: Luke Weierbach

Locate Us

Patterson Park House
200 South Linwood Ave
Baltimore, MD 21224
Phone: 410-878-0563


Percentage of Patterson Park House after-school students engage in physical fitness every day.


Community members utilized the Park House and surrounding turf field in 2019.

Next to the ice rink and Utzturf field