Workforce Development in the National Capital Region

Our job readiness program connects adults, living within Wards 5, 6, 7, and 8, that are unemployed, underemployed, and dislocated workers to career training and employment for in-demand jobs across a variety of industries.

The program works with participants to develop or enhance skills that will prepare them for various industries with a focus on creating career pathways to help these workers advance through entry-level positions to build sustainable long-term employment. The participants begin with career mapping that identifies both their existing skill sets as well as individual barriers that have hindered their past success, which helps participants create realistic and attainable goals and a plan to achieve those goals. Participants are then assisted with building their individual career portfolio including resumes, cover letters, and professional networking profiles while also learning a variety of soft skills such as effective communication styles, interview techniques, professional conduct and conflict resolution, and various financial literacy techniques to help them build sustainable budgets that suit the needs of their families. Job coaches assist participants with identifying employment opportunities and provide guidance during the application and interview process.

Living Classrooms deploys retention specialists to work with participants throughout the training and for an additional 12 months after employment placement—a service that has proven to be critical to the sustained success of our job-training participants. The retention specialist assists the participant with reaching their ongoing short- and long-term goals and surmounting new and recurring barriers (education, housing, childcare, transportation, access to vital records, etc.) so they will continue to be successful in their new job. Retention specialists also liaise with employers to help continuously identify challenges and concerns that could hinder the participant’s success at the job, as well as reinforce positive behavior to help promote and sustain success.

Through our workforce development model, it is our goal to bring stability and prosperity to both individuals and entire family units.

Contact: Jasmine Campbell