CARE Program

The CARE (Comprehensive Academic, Recreation, and Enrichment) Program is an established after-school and 8-week full-day summer program that takes place at our UA House at Fayette and POWER House community centers. The program provides K-8 students from local Baltimore City public schools with academic support and enrichment, life skills instruction, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education, cultural arts exposure, character education, health and wellness, and sports/recreation. The program focuses on motivational learning experiences that support positive youth development and provide intervention for some of the risk factors associated with poverty and the challenges of normal adolescent development.

CARE serves over 200 students daily. The children and youth reside primarily in public housing and low-income neighborhoods, and their communities lack many of the services available in more affluent areas. The CARE Program strives to fill these gaps and make a direct impact on youth and the community. Students participate in at least 30 minutes of exercise daily (more than 60 minutes on summer days), learn a variety of team sports, participate in friendly tournaments, and explore dance and yoga. Family Engagement Events provide nutritious cooking workshops, financial literacy, or behavior management courses. Students benefit from speakers and workshops that address health-related messages, including substance abuse, domestic violence, and violence and gang-prevention strategies; students also conduct service learning projects.

Program goals focus on increasing students’ academic skills in reading and math, and staff uses challenging and fun educational platforms to engage youth. Educators spend time at our partner schools ensuring that CARE’s academic activities correspond with what is happening during the school day. All activities are aligned with the Baltimore City School System curriculum and Maryland’s Common Core standards. Included in CARE’s learning activities are homework support and academic tutoring. A wide variety of enrichment elements keep the program vibrant and exciting for students.

Contact: Chas Ackley