Adult Resource Center

The Adult Resource Center (ARC) is a comprehensive community workforce hub in East Baltimore and home to our Project SERVE program, providing support to returning citizens in the program by building a community and culture of self-sufficiency. The ARC provides additional support services to Project SERVE members that supplement the efforts already in place through the program, such as mentor and mentee recruitment and training, continuing mentor and mentee support, conflict resolution and mediation services, employment skills assistance, GED/college connections, financial literacy, computer skills, parenting skills, legal aid (child support and custody issues), food, clothing, and transportation assistance.

The ARC is building community support for ex-offenders through its First Monday Empowerment Group that welcomes new and existing returning citizens, their families, and supporters to engage in group discussions and social outings on the first Monday of each month. Connecting returning citizens to a network of positive support through shared experiences is a critical component to successful re-entry and assimilation back into the community.

In addition to its services for Project SERVE members, the ARC is open to the public 40 hours per week and provides a multitude of free services through which adults from all backgrounds are given the opportunity to further empower themselves to improve their quality of life, as well as that of their families and the community. Services include computer and high-speed internet access; career search services; weekly workshops; and industry-recognized certifications in forklift operations, flagging, and National Retail Federation training.

The Adult Resource Center seeks to expand its impact by educating and training other organizations, groups, and individuals in Baltimore City who are providing services to the ex- offender population, and by further involving community partners such as financial and educational institutions and substance abuse, mental health, and conflict resolution agencies, to help provide resources, remove stigmas, and rebuild confidence.


Adults were served at the ARC in 2017.


Workshops are offered each year on topics such as employment tools, financial literacy, and life skills.


The number of hours each week that ARC computer lab is open to the public.

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