‘Pac Meets Bach’ Giving Students Chance To Create, Learn About Music

August 17, 2017

CBS Baltimore – August 16, 2017 5:33 PM By Tracey Leong – Living Classrooms hand-selected 22 students from the surrounding community for a pilot program with Major Key Foundation to encourage creativity and careers in the music industry.

The unique camp titled “Pac Meets Bach,” exposes the students, grades 4-9, to professional music production software, state of the art recording equipment, and even professional artists.

“I enjoyed meeting the people, learning new things, how to use my voice,” said student Nevaeh Lofton.

“Not only learn technical skills but actually create on their instrument as well, see their confidence boost as well as the skills they were able to develop in a short few weeks has been incredible,” said Christina Campbell Maxwell, a Living Classrooms music director.

“Bringing all these elements together from the beginning and using that to inspire them can help them learn quickly because they are so engaged,” said Major Key co-founder Sofia Hailu.

Some students entered with little experience, like Jaden, who only knew how to play the trombone, now he’s walking away knowing how to play multiple instruments.

The program helps kids with backgrounds with a certain musical instrument to also explore different career options.

“I started messing with a lot of music before putting together samples, trying to make it sound good, but this one helps me create,” said student Johnathan Ward.

“I learned how to modulate my voice and make my voice heard and I learned production, like Logic, because I never used Logic or the miniboard before,” Lofton said.

“Being able to give them a space where they are safe, where they feel like they can do something that is productive, and they realize there are other avenues and means to be successful,” Campbell Maxwell said.

The students will perform their original music for family and friends at a closing ceremony Saturday, August 19, at the Living Classrooms headquarters at 4 p.m.

Living Classrooms is looking to run a similar music program throughout the school year.