Voices of Living Classrooms: Cierra Jackson

November 22, 2021

Cierra Jackson is an overachiever, who doesn’t give up on herself or anyone else. Whether it be a community member, a staff member, or anyone in between, her mission is to set people up for success.

“If it’s something that I can’t help them with, I’m going to overextend just to make sure that they have what they need.”

Cierra’s unrelenting desire to help others did not begin at Living Classrooms though. She had an extensive career in nursing, which she pursued immediately after high school.

When she realized she needed a change, she joined our team at UA House six years ago.

Her dedication to her community is admirable, yet she remains humble in the face of praise. Considering herself a “behind-the-scenes” person, she occasionally becomes overwhelmed with gratitude when people thank her. For Cierra, the reward lies in her clients’ successes. One of her favorite experiences at Living Classrooms is the UA House’s training programs and their graduation ceremonies.

“Just remembering these guys and girls that come in in the beginning and at the end, how happy they are to get the certificate, to get employed, it brings me joy.”

She also enjoys our Maritime Magic event, which brings together hundreds of people from all over the world. Cierra loves meeting clients, donors and other key community members. She says it is essentially “the best of both worlds.” An all-around community person, Cierra’s favorite pastime is hanging out with her family. She loves to spend time with them and reminisce.

Cierra is also an entrepreneur who runs two beauty businesses, “Fierz Style Boutique” and “Fierz Nails.” She has always been into fashion and hopes to grow her business within the next few years. Although growth is never an easy path, she remarks that, “No matter what I do, Living Classrooms helped me to get to where I am.”