Queen Beez and Tyshae’s Story

December 20, 2019

Tyshae C. turned 18 years old this year and since 2016 was an important election year, she used her voice to vote in the presidential election for the first time. Her voice was developed over the past two years as a member of Living Classrooms’ Queen Beez after-school program. Using hip hop as a medium to teach young girls to uplift and express themselves, Queen Beez brings girls together in a positive and constructive environment where they are encouraged to explore their ideas and potential.

Tyshae, also known by her stage name “Flowetry,” joined Queen Beez in early 2015 after another member and friend enticed her with the idea of discussing important social issues in the form of positive rap. While in the program, Tyshae and her fellow Beez met with a variety of professional mentors that engaged them on a number of issues such as bullying, body positivity, domestic violence, and self-respect, and helped them put their ideas down on paper, working with the girls on writing styles and song construction. Tyshae helped to pen nine songs during her time in Queen Beez, recording the music in a professional studio and choreographing dance moves for the music videos.

“When I hear ‘Queen Beez,’ I think of unity, peace, and happiness. Queen Beez teaches you how to become confident, open-minded, and be yourself at all times,” she reflects. “This program has given me a chance to express myself and share my thoughts creatively.”

Growing up in a single parent household in an underserved neighborhood in Washington, DC, Tyshae’s mother always had her best interests at heart but college was not necessarily expected to be part of her future, still Tyshae had big dreams for herself. During her senior year of high school she was diagnosed with Graves’ Disease and struggled to graduate amidst many days in the hospital. Tyshae persevered with the help of her friends and fellow Queen Beez, and managed to graduate high school on time with an impressive 3.6 GPA.

“As I move on to college, I will always think about Queen Beez because they taught me to never give up and to follow my dreams.”

Tyshae is currently studying social work as a freshman at Benedict College and still goes by the name Flowetry.

Queen Beez’ music videos can be found at www.youtube.com/livingclassroomsfnd