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Park Outreach
The park outreach program is designed to allow large groups of students to learn about the natural world in an organized, outdoor setting. Up to 150 students per day are invited to visit a local park and participate in a variety of hands-on, interactive learning stations based in science, history, English, and the arts. Perfect for a Meaningful Watershed Educational Experience (MWEE), park outreaches present students the chance to take knowledge they’ve gained in the classroom and apply it to the world around them. Activities can include:
  • Donning hip waders and exploring a local pond while learning about bio-indicators!
  • Using butterfly nets to catch and study local insects!
  • Going on a nature hike while learning to identify flora and fauna native to the Chesapeake Bay watershed!
  • Utilizing models to understand the effects of stormwater run-off!
  • Exploring the world of decomposers and the role they play in the food web!
For more information on participating in or designing your school's next Park Outreach, please call 202-488-0627.

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