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Shipboard Environmental Education in Baltimore
For more information on any of our Shipboard programs, please contact Kelly Drake
Living Classrooms Foundation has provided unique hands-on, interdisciplinary and environmental education programs aboard historic ships and on land since 1985. These dynamic, "learning by doing" programs emphasize applied learning in math, science, social studies, language arts, and social skills.
The programs serve students from a variety of backgrounds and economic means and range in length from one-day expeditions for school and youth groups to extended shipboard and land/sea programs. Participants see how academic skills are used in the real world. Leadership and teamwork are key objectives as students work together to raise and lower sails, trawl for marine life, perform scientific tests, and explore the commerce, history, natural resources, and ecosystems of the Chesapeake Bay.
Living Classrooms shipboard education programs serve thousands of students per year from throughout the region aboard the Foundation's floating classrooms including schooner Lady Maryland, Chesapeake Buyboats Mildred Belle and Half Shell, and Skipjacks Sigsbee and Minnie V.
Use the links below to prepare for your Chesapeake Bay adventure!

Student Corner


Teacher Corner

Here you will find links to documents that are designed to help you prepare your students for a shipboard program with Living Classrooms Foundation. You haven't scheduled a program with us? Please contact Kelly Drake or at 410-685-0295 x 228 to do so immediately! Please be sure to check out the student section of this website. There are many pages your students may find helpful in preparing for this adventure. There are even some on-line quizzes they can complete to see how well prepared they are!
Likewise, you may want to guide the parents of your students to the parent section. This site was designed to answer many of the frequent questions and concerns parents have about our programs.

Parent Corner

Thank you for taking the time to look at our website. Hopefully the information here will help ease some of your concerns and answer questions about your child's upcoming trip with the Living Classrooms Foundation Shipboard Program! Living Classrooms Foundation has been operating in Baltimore since 1985 when the then "Lady Maryland Foundation" built our flagship, the pungy schooner Lady Maryland. We've had students involved in our program from the very start; they even helped cut down the first tree we used to build Lady Maryland.
Safety is our primary concern and is at the forefront of every program. The vessels in our shipboard department are US Coast Guard certified and they meet or exceed all applicable safety regulation. They are inspected annually by our local Coast Guard officials. Our captains are US Coast Guard licensed and each has many years of experience sailing with students. The rest of our crew receives intensive staff training at the start of each season. This training includes Wilderness First Aid and CPR from SOLO schools in New Hampshire. Throughout the year the crews receive additional training, including running frequent drills on how to handle various emergency situations. Please rest assured, in the 25 years we've been running shipboard programs we've never had a student fall overboard.
Please read on. We're confident that many of your questions will be answered. If you still have concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Captain Peter Bolster, our Director of Shipboard Operations 410-685-0295 x 266.

Book a Trip

Want to book a trip?
Need more information?
To book a trip for your school, Scout, community group, or just a group of friends and family
members please contact: Kelly Drake
Scheduling and Marketing Coordinator
(410) 685-0295 x 228
E-mail: Kelly Drake
Remember we offer full day, weekend, overnight and multi-day programs!!


  • Living Classrooms Begins 30th Anniversary Season Sailing with Students

    On Monday, April 13, 2015, spring is finally here as students from Pointers Run Elementary participating in Living Classrooms hands-on educational shipboard programming will set sail on board Lady Maryland, Mildred Belle, and Sigsbee - three of Living Classrooms Foundation's historic educational vessels. This trip will mark the 30th anniv...

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