Our Results

We use our performance management system, LivingClassrooms. STAT to continually monitor, measure, and evaluate the quality and efficacy of our programs and services based on a predetermined set of goals.


24,142 children youth and adults served last year.

76,187 healthy and nutritious meals or dinner after school programs in 2018


87% of Crossroads graduates enter a college preparatory high school with entrance requirements

346,557 hours of direct instruction or homework support provided to students in 2018.


2,580 residents in the Baltimore Target Investment Zone were served through our Workforce Development programs in 2018.

176 industry-recognized certifications were earned by members of our Workforce Development programs in 2018.


10% average recidivism rate among Living Classrooms’ Workforce Development programs serving ex-offenders–compared to Baltimore City’s rate of 52%

$12,724,446 Taxpayer savings due to Reduced Recidivism Rate in Living Classrooms’ Fresh Start and Project SERVE programs


192 unemployed or underemployed adults were placed in employment in 2018.

5,288 the number of students served with hands-on environmental STEM education through our shipboard program in Baltimore and DC.


26 number of U.S. states children and youth come from to participate in our shipboard environmental education programs.

53,378 number of times students engaged in sports or fitness activities in 2018.


450 children, youth, and adults received free health screenings in 2018.

9,736 individual, student, group, and corporate volunteers contributed 47,914 hours to our mission in 2018 with a combined economic impact of $1,156,683


85% of funding goes directly to programming.

29,000 square feet of native wetlands have been restored on Kingman Island by students and volunteers since 2016.


98% of Girls’ Empowerment Mission graduates are the first in their family to attend college.

194 dangerous situations were defused by our Safe Streets East team in 2018 before they escalated to violence