Become a Homework Helper/Tutor

The CARE (Comprehensive Academic, Recreation, and Enrichment) Program is an established after-school that takes place at our UA House at Fayette and POWER House community centers. The program provides K-8 students from local Baltimore City public schools with academic support and enrichment, life skills instruction, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education, cultural arts exposure, character education, health and wellness, and sports/recreation. The program focuses on motivational learning experiences that support positive youth development.

Work with our students (1st-6th grade) to complete homework and classwork; specifically math and reading comprehension. Tutoring and homework help will take place either one-on-one or in small groups.

  • POWER House (316 S. Caroline St):
    • Mondays and Wednesdays from 4:00-5:00pm
  • UA House (1100 E. Fayette St):
    • Monday – Thursday, 4:30-5:30pm

Individuals must be willing to commit to at least one afternoon per week consistently. More days per week are welcome! Consistency is key and our team can work out pairings with students based on the area(s) of expertise of volunteer.

Interested in getting started? Email Erin, for more information.
*Note: This is an in-person opportunity and volunteer(s) must be vaccinated to participate.*