Share Your Professional Development Skills as a Volunteer Guest Speaker/Presenter

Broadway Overlook Community Center 1501 E. Fayette Street Baltimore, MD 21231

Project SERVE is engaging the larger community to bring powerful voices and first-hand expertise directly to our program members. On a weekly basis, members are invited to participate in a personal or professional development workshop. Workshops engage a wide array of topics; all geared to assist members transition into a lifestyle that is most conducive to their long-term success.

We are seeking individuals to come in as Guest Speakers/Facilitators to help our members professionally develop and prepare for permanent placement in the workforce.  No official expertise in a particular subject matter is required, just an interest in sharing your advice and professional/personal experience on a particular topic, and willingness to help.

Want to Get Involved?

When: Thursdays from 3:00pm-4:30pm

Where:  Broadway Overlook Community Center | 1501 E. Fayette Street, Baltimore, MD 21231 | This is an in-person volunteer opportunity.


Topics that facilitators/speakers can use for inspiration:

Professional Skills:  Public Speaking, writing, email etiquette, time management, creating a social media presence, interview techniques, creating a good first impression

Personal Tools:  Mindfulness, dressing for success, healthy eating, conflict resolution, healthy relationships

Financial Tools:  Budgeting, saving, building credit, investing

Career Pathways:  Share an exciting and growing industry that our members can explore as a potential career pathway, including needed experience and credentials and how to get started

Future Planning:  Long-term goal setting, life insurance, continued education, long-term investing

Personal Stories:  Share a story of a journey of struggle to triumph to help build confidence among our members as they embark on a new part of their journey

*Essentially, any topic that could help enrich the minds and help prepare our members for the challenges any work environment will present.


Interested in this opportunity?  Contact Amber Briggs ( for more information.


About Project SERVE

Project SERVE is a rapid attachment to work program that is housed in Living Classrooms’ Broadway Overlook Community Center on E. Fayette Street with over two decades of fulfilling our mission to positively impact communities in Baltimore City with direct services that stimulate the involvement of residents to address community needs.  Primarly working with individuals transitioning back into the community post-incarceration, SERVE provides on-the-job training for approximately150 adults per year while they revitalize Baltimore neighborhoods.  Members spend 4-6 months in the program, completing community revitalization projects while learning marketable work skills, professionalism, problem-solving, and receiving soft-skills training. Upon completing the program they are provided with resources and assistance to obtain long-term employment where they receive job retention support and aftercare from a Living Classrooms Retention Specialist for one year.  The major goals of Project SERVE are to decrease the overall crime rate in Baltimore City by decreasing recidivism rates; to positively impact communities with direct services; provide workforce development training; increase education and service-learning opportunities; help keep city neighborhoods clean and safe by decreasing environmental hazards and risks to public safety, and; help provide housing renovations for low-income residents. Our staff provides ongoing support to aid individuals in various areas of life -both in their transition into, and throughout their successful completion of the program.