Nous Entertainment Announces Collaboration With Living Classrooms Foundation

April 7, 2016

PRESS RELEASE – APR 7, 2016 10:00 EDT

Proceeds from ‘Proud Mary’ to Fund New Educational Facility, Programs

NEW YORK, April 7, 2016 ( – Nous Entertainment LLC today announces the details of its alliance with the Living Classrooms Foundation, a Baltimore-based non-profit focused on strengthening communities through education. The collaboration will enable Nous to provide proceeds from its upcoming Baltimore-centric biographical film, “Proud Mary,” to the Foundation to expand the Crossroads School.

The funding will support the charter school’s expansion from grades 6-8 to grades K-8 by creating a new wing for the existing school. The new educational facility will allow Living Classrooms to serve an additional 300 children. With a focus on strengthening arts and media programs, this initiative will create opportunity and skills for some of the city’s bright yet underserved communities. The facility will be named the “Proud Mary Building.”

“Proud Mary” is a story about hope and empowerment and we recognized that the best way to extend the message of this film is to try to create a measurable impact in the city where the story takes place and will be filmed, said Adam Scherr, co-founder, Nous Entertainment.

Since 1985, the Living Classrooms Foundation has focused on using urban, natural and maritime resources as “living classrooms” to help young people to achieve their potential through hands-on education and job training. The Foundation serves 40,000 youth annually across a region that includes Baltimore and Washington, D.C. Nous and the Foundation connected through their mutual, existing relationships with the non-profit, Partnerships for Change.

“We are honored to collaborate on this project with Nous,” said James Piper Bond, President and CEO, Living Classrooms Foundation. “In addition to helping us further our goals for the Crossroads School, we believe this alliance will help us deepen the positive impact we are able to have on the Baltimore-D.C. community and beyond.”

Learn more about “Proud Mary” at or here and Living Classrooms at

About Nous Entertainment:
Nous Entertainment LLC is an independent production company focused on the development, marketing and distribution of film and television programming aimed at balancing entertainment with issue-driven content. Through strategic partnerships with venture and private equity as well as leading philanthropic organizations, Nous brings inspiring narratives and entertaining stories to life. For more information, please visit

About Living Classrooms:

Founded in Baltimore in 1985, Living Classrooms Foundation has grown into an educational and economic force that combines one of the city’s most cherished assets – its beautiful and historic harbor – with some of its most overlooked – the thousands of bright, ambitious children and young adults who are struggling to succeed against terrible odds. What began with one program in one city has grown into dozens of programs across a region that now encompasses Washington, DC, Virginia, and Maryland.


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