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Students Budget Thanksgiving Meals For Needy Families

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BALTIMORE (WJZ) November 20, 2018 —
In a sixth-grade math class Tuesday, students were divided into ‘food’ groups. Turkey, vegetable, pasta, dessert, all the courses one expects to enjoy on Thanksgiving Day.

About 60 sixth graders at ‘The Living Classrooms Crossroads School’ got a first-hand lesson in just how much planning, organizing and budgeting it takes to get that turkey and all those trimmings on the table.

The students were cooking for ten. That’s where the math comes in. They multiplied ingredients and planned real meals that will be cooked and handed out to needy families in their community.

Not only does it help those in need, it also integrates mathematics, literature and the community.

Carrie Stockwell’s ‘real job’ is with constellation energy. Tuesday, she and around a dozen of her co-workers volunteered to work with the students.

“It’s just been great to know the kids, to hear what they love about, to give back,” Stockwell said.

The students received their recipe, multiplied ingredients and wrote it down on their grocery lists.

The catch- they also have to stay within a budget of $14.

“I think it’s going to be hard because my group wants to do cheesecake but cheesecake is kind of expensive,” Asha, a student, said.

The students shopped around Harbor East Whole Foods and used their planned recipes to make the meals, double-checked their math when budgeting, and maybe gained a little appreciation for going under budget if they could.

At check out, maybe for the first time, the sixth graders watched the register with awareness, appreciation and maybe even some gratitude.

Posted on: 21 Nov, 2018

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