“Mentorship Initiative” Reveals Silver Lining of Virtual Learning

Living Classrooms of the National Capital Region’s Ascend through Music Program recently implemented a new Mentorship Initiative, in which artists/mentors are virtually connected to youth sharing the same interest. Currently, there are 14 mentors and 23 students enrolled in this program, and while the students are all based in DC and Baltimore, the artists and mentors are from all over the country. In a normal year, program directors would be confined to seeking mentorship locally, but in this new virtual mode, they are able to seek working professionals who otherwise would not have access to this special program. The Mentorship Initiative is bringing back the one-on-one connection that so many are lacking due to the ongoing pandemic, revealing the “silver lining” to virtual learning.

In order to support this new initiative and the other Ascend through Music programs, Living Classrooms’ program directors have made a strong push to get more instruments into the homes of students. Through the implementation of the Being Instrumental Program, more instruments have been secured for students to accommodate this new virtual world. With the expansion of this program, students are now able to secure instruments on loan for home, free of charge.

Ascend through Music is continuing to meet the needs of students from 1st Grade to 12th Grade, and to date, there are currently 90 students enrolled across the various music programs.