Center for Talented Youth (CTY) & Living Classrooms Foundation

Congratulations! You’ve decided to have an amazingly unique summer experience with the CTY program and Living Classrooms Foundation! This summer only 64 students get to have the experience you are about to have. This web page has been designed to help parents and students familiarize themselves with the many unique aspects of the Living Classrooms Foundation programs. While many CTY programs happen on college campuses, and daytime field trip excursions, the Marine Ecology Programs involve some different living and learning situations. Please read below for more information and contact information. We look forward to seeing you this summer!

What happens at Orientation?

Where do the students stay while at the Marine Ecology site?

Want to learn more about the Notre Dame of Maryland University?

Want to learn more about the Roger Williams University?

Where will the Whales and Estuaries students be going?

Where will the Chesapeake Bay Ecology students be going?

What will the Chesapeake Bay Ecology and Whales and Estuary Systems students be doing on land?

What can my child expect during the land based academics?

When is the session closing?

What are the campsites like?

What will the students’ responsibilities be onboard?

Who will be supervising my child?

What should students bring?

Will students get a shower every day?

What about bugs?

What will students be eating? Who will be preparing it? What if the student is a vegetarian, has allergies or is kosher?

What are the summers like in Maryland?

What kind of weather should I expect for the whale students?

What if I need to get in touch with my child?

What will the groups be doing on the weekends?

What books are students required to bring with them?

What if a student is on medication, has special medical needs, etc.?

Who should I contact if I have more questions?