Welcome to the Sigsbee!

Soon you will be aboard the Sigsbee, experiencing the Chesapeake Bay as an explorer, and discovering this environment’s fascinating, interrelated subjects. On board Sigsbee, you will use all of your senses to learn about the Chesapeake – its people and other living creatures, along with its history and commerce. You will discover for yourself how all these parts are connected, like links in a chain, and how you are a vital link – whether you live one mile or 100 miles from the Bay.

The Sigsbee experience is a fun learning adventure; a special day for you to learn about history, economics, and science while sailing on a historic Chesapeake Bay skipjack. You will be active from the moment you step on board Sigsbee. Together, you will help choose Sigsbee’s course and steer the ship. You will be involved with hands-on activities, such as raising sail, testing the water with scientific equipment, trawling for marine life, and observing first hand the factories, shipping, natural resources, and ecosystems of the Chesapeake Bay.

Sigsbee is a historic oystering skipjack that has been reconstructed just for students! Sigsbee has always been a hard working vessel, and now takes thousands of students on educational voyages each year. We will need your help to meet the challenge of exploring the Port of Baltimore and the Chesapeake Bay. On the Sigsbee, you will hear many new words, see interesting sights and Bay life, and participate in unique activities.

Please study the following material closely before coming aboard. This will help you prepare properly and get the most out of your voyage. Then, on the day of your trip, arrive with open mind, eyes, and ears, and you will experience the Chesapeake Bay. We hope you are excited about your group’s Sigsbee experience, and having a memorable day. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Learn about our skipjack!
See you soon!
The Sigsbee Crew