Summer Science and Nature Program

Masonville Cove Environmental Education Campus

10 August 2020 - 28 August 2020
1000 Frankfurst Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21226

Explore, Discover, and Engage VIRTUALLY with Educators from the Nation’s First Urban Wildlife Refuge Partnership!

Now enrolling 1st-5th grade students for this week-long virtual hands-on science and nature experience.  A fun and safe alternative for kids this summer, our Living Classrooms educators will help you fight summer learning loss and prepare your child for success this school year by keeping them actively engaged in hands-on activities, crafts, and games! 

Students: Grab your official Masonville Cove Adventure and DISCOVER Backpack, filled with activities that ENGAGE your senses and EXPLORE the world around you!

What you get:

  • One week’s worth of science and nature activities
  • Supplies and step-by-step instructions for all activities (that can be done from home and/or your yard and neighborhood)
  • Nature Exploration Activity Journal
  • Daily 1-hour virtual lessons with Living Classrooms educators 


Masonville Cove Environmental Education Campus is located on the Middle Branch of the Patapsco River in South Baltimore. It is home to a state-of-the-art green building nature center and beautiful waterfront public trails.  The site is also a “living classroom” that acts as a gateway to connect students and communities to the outdoors and the Chesapeake Bay through environmental education, stewardship activities, and academic enrichment.  Learn more about Masonville Cove here.


Monday – Friday | 10:00am-11:00am Live on Google Meet

$50/child per week

Week 1:  August 10-14

Week 2:  August 17-21

Week 3: August 24-28

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For more information contact Valerie Bandell at or (410) 246-0669 ext.103


  • Get Your Science On!  Create a 3-D model of a water molecule and explore the unique properties that make water so magical in this Water Olympics experiment.
  • Get Creative!  Discover the property of density while creating an oil and water droplet painting.
  • Get Outside!  Experience the dynamic environment this molecule can create in this reflective and observatory activity.
  • Get your Science On!  Put your scientist cap on, we’re going into the field to discover and explore the many different characteristics of soil!  Conduct a variety of field tests to determine soil texture.
  • Get Creative!  Use your soil knowledge to create the ultimate growing medium to support the growth of your DIY chia pet.
  • Get Outside!  Soil supports all the life on land!  Get up close and personal with the life of the soil in this square foot analysis.
  • Get Your Science On!  Discover the different parts of a seed through a seed dissection and learn how to distinguish between monocots and dicots.  Then create a maze to test the skills of your plant to find the light!
  • Get Creative!  Use your plant maze box as a canvas to let your imagination go wild!  Decorate with paints, glitter, stickers, or anything else to create a nature-inspired masterpiece.
  • Get Outside!  Collect nature’s treasure from your own yard/neighborhood and create a beautiful tapestry on recycles cardboard loom!
  • Get Your Science On!  Gather clues and evidence of the many interactions in an ecosystem by dissecting an owl pellet to determine the food web of a barn owl.
  • Get Creative!  Create you worn pinecone owl in this nature-inspired craft project.
  • Get Outside!  Take a nature walk and look for clues of the other animals that share your environment and may even be entangled in your own food web.
  • Get Your Science On!  Determine the characteristics of life in this mad scientist edition of interactive experiments.  Watch yeast grow and do cellular respiration, then discover the effectiveness of handwashing in a petri dish bacteria growth experiment.
  • Get Creative!  Using your petri dish data to inspire your own creations, create a crafty bacteria bug.
  • Get Outside!  Connect with living and non-living parts of your ecosystem and determine which characteristics of life you can observe.
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