Cache Across Maryland and at Masonville Cove!

Masonville Cove

20 March 2021 - 15 May 2021
1000 Frankfurst Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21226

The Masonville Cove Urban Wildlife Refuge Partnership chosen by the Maryland Geocaching Society for the 17th Annual “Cache Across Maryland” Challenge

What is Cache Across Maryland?
CAM (Cache Across Maryland) is an annual event hosted by the Maryland Geocaching Society. 10 members are chosen by the MGS to place a total of 10 CAM caches in various locations all over Maryland. Your mission is to find all 10 of those caches and have a wonderful time travelling around this fine state. If you find all 10 geocaches and gather the special code from each one, you’ll earn a unique certificate of achievement AND a free, limited-edition CAM 2021 geocoin.

On Saturday, March 20, the locations of the ten Cache Across Maryland geocaches were unveiled, and hundreds of eager adventurers began planning their routes across Maryland.

Cache Across Maryland (CAM) is live until mid-May! Join in on the fun and learn how to geocache by downloading the app ( on your smartphone.  You can learn more about the challenge here.

New to Geocaching?  Watch this instructional video from our Masonville Cove staff.


Every year since 2004, the Maryland Geocaching Society has hidden ten special geocaches across the state of Maryland as part of the group’s Cache Across Maryland challenge. Each container holds a piece of a secret code that when assembled, allows players to receive exclusive prizes at the picnic that marks the end of the challenge. Ten locations that best represent the spirit of Maryland are selected to host one of the geocaches, and our Masonville Cove urban wildlife refuge in Baltimore, Md. is one of the 2021 sites.

Since the kickoff, the two active caches at Masonville Cove, the Masonville CAM Cache and the Picnicking with Captain Cache, have had 72 finds with 61 finds on Saturday alone!  One geocacher said they had no idea Masonville existed and may have never found the site without the CAM event. 

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