Crossroads’ Skyview Photos Team Hired for Video Project

August 16, 2017

Last summer, Crossroads School developed a STEM and Entrepreneur Academy that emphasizes the emerging importance of technology in future schooling and employment. The program enrolled roughly 30 students and challenged them to develop and run their own aerial video and photography company, Skyview Photos. After much success, the summer program was built into a year-long after-school program. The middle-school students developed a mission statement, business plan, company logo, and sales presentation and visited local businesses to make their pitch to potential clients.

This summer, students have been focusing on delivering products to one of their top clients, Under Armour. The company has tasked Skyview with creating a series of videos that feature the summer programming at our newly reopened community center, UA House at Fayette, in partnership with Under Armour. The students met with company representatives to research the company’s goals then created a storyboard, filmed events, interviewed Living Classrooms’ staff, and even edited the videos to return to the client. All the while, the students were honing their engineering skills as they applied the laws of motion and aerodynamics to flying the drones. The team will continue their work during the upcoming school year.

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