BLOOMBERG SCHOLARS: Earth Day Wetlands Project

April 22, 2022

On Friday April 22, 2022, Living Classrooms Foundation hosted Bloomberg Scholars and Heartsmiles for an Earth Day event aimed at teaching tomorrow’s leaders about the importance of wetlands. The groups gathered at the Crossroads School, which contains the last city wetland in Baltimore. Located along the Lancaster Canal, the campus has 200 feet of wetland frontage and is home to a variety of creatures and plants that provide a boost to the local ecosystem.

Thanks to a generous grant from Bloomberg, over 200 native trees, shrubs, and plants were purchased from Blue Water Baltimore’s Herring Run Nursery. The team spent the morning in groups, first creating a landscape design and then planting the native species while they learned about how root systems can prevent erosion and protect the wetland. The local turtle population, a bale of red-eared sliders, looked on from their newly installed basking platform and Dewey, the resident diamondback terrapin provided an up-close experience to observe and hold aquatic turtles.