Baltimore Kids Perform Song About April Riots

July 22, 2015

BALTIMORE (WJZ) – In the three months since the riots, weâ’ve heard from community leaders, politicians and neighbors.

But, as Mike Schuh reports, a musician found some of the youngest voices to be the most compelling.
The riots inspired Baltimore kids and professional musicians to collaborate.

You can hear music made at the Living Classroom’s ‘Believe in Music’ program on the radio.
“They looted the Rite Aid right around the corner from my house,” said one child.

Yamaudi Pinder put on headphones to drown out the riot.

“So the rioters were coming down my block,” said Pinder.

Experiences channeled into a song’a song professionally produced at WTMD-Towson University. Some of the best professional musicians in Baltimore donated their time.

“Kenny came to me with the idea and I reached out to some Baltimore musicians and the immediate response was just amazing,” said WTMD’s Sam Sessa.

“Kenny” is rock musician Kenny Liner who started ‘Believe in Music.’
“I don’t have my own kids so I view all the kids as my kids and there’s a proud feeling when your kids do something that I’ve never experienced before,” Liner said.

Pinder wrote the song’s bridge.

“People really don’t listen to us so I think people are going to be like, `Okay, maybe the kids are right; we should just come together,” Pinder said.

“This was one of the biggest collaborations in the history of Baltimore’s music scene,” Sessa said. “This is really big for these kids and I’m thrilled that all these musicians could come together for them.”
The song is getting some radio play and the kids might sing their song at a ‘Believe in Music’ fundraiser at Pier 6. Beach House and Future Islands are the headliners. Some VIP tickets are still available.
You can listen to the song or download it for free here.