Over 175 DC Students Receive MWEE Activity Boxes for Virtual Programming

The Living Classrooms in the National Capital Region educators of Kingman and Heritage Islands have successfully adapted the in-person Meaningful Watershed Educational Experience (MWEE) into its virtual programmatic form following its trial run at Bishop Walker School for Boys over the summer. The success of this program has enabled other DC schools to deliver their own environmental education lessons throughout the school year. As such, Living Classrooms educators currently have three additional schools participating in virtual MWEE this year, including Center City Brightwood, Eaton Middle School, and Mary Middle School.

Thus far, over 175 MWEE Activity Boxes have been delivered to the three schools. Included within these boxes are the activities ‘Waste Not, Want Not’- a home energy audit, and ‘Hunger Dynamics’- a look into the biodiversity of food webs. These boxes will be used by students as they follow along with Living Classrooms’ educators in the online camp.